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All our Stand Up Pouches, Coffee Bags and other Food and Flexible Packaging products meet the requirements of the FDA for direct contact with food.

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Food Bags & Food Packaging

We stock a huge selection of food bags and food packaging products here at PBFY. All of our laminated bags including our stand up pouches, side gusseted bags and flat pouches are FDA approved food safe, ready for packaging any type of products including coffee, teas, fruits, nuts, grains, jerky, spices, pet food, liquids and more! We offer the highest quality food bags that protects your product against light, oxygen and moisture, adding to the product's shelf life. Browse through and check out all available styles, sizes and colors of each category of our food bags. Custom foil stamp printing and custom printed flexible packaging are available. Please contact us for a quote on any custom order.


Stand up food bags come in five different styles - standard, metallized, windowed, rice paper and snack pack. All stand up pouches features a bottom gusset that allows the bags to stand on their own whether they are filled or empty. Window, rice paper and some standard stand up pouches feature a clear, viewable area to see what is inside the bag. Stand up food bags make for a cost effective way of packaging your products because of their ability to stand on their own on the shelves. Hang holes are also available.
food bags stand up pouch Standard Stand Up Pouches

1 oz (no zip) | 1 oz | 2 oz (no zip) | 2 oz | 4 oz | 8 oz | 12 oz | 16 oz | 24 oz | 2 lb | 5 lb   
food bags metallized stand up pouch Metallized Stand Up Pouches

1 oz | 4 oz | 8 oz | 16 oz | 4 lb
food bags window stand up pouch Windowed Stand Up Pouches

4 oz 
| 8 oz | 16 oz
food bags rice paper stand up pouch Rice Paper Stand Up Pouches

4 oz | 8 oz
food bags snack pack stand up pouch Snack Pack Stand Up Pouches

2 oz | 4 oz | 8 oz

Side gusseted food bags come in three different styles - standard foil, poly and quad seal. Standard side gusseted food bags are available in a wide variety of sizes and colors, including clear poly. Quad seal side gusseted food bags features a four corner seal for extra support to handle bulkier products.
food bags foil side gusseted bags Poly & Foil Side Gusseted Food Bags & Pouches

2 oz | 8 oz | 16 oz | 16 oz (tall) | 2 lb | 5 lb (narrow) | 5 lb
food bags foil quad seal side gusseted bags Quad Seal Side Gusseted Food Bags & Pouches

8 oz 
| 16 oz | 10 lb

Food bag flat pouches are available in several different sizes. These food bags feature a tear notch for for easy opening. 
food bags foil flat pouches Metallized Flat Food Bags & Pouches

2 oz | 4 oz | 8 oz | 12 oz | 16 oz | 2 lb

Paper food bags come in two different styles - standard tin tie paper and PLA lined tin tie paper bags. The standard tin tie food bags are available in a variety of sizes and colors. Our compostable tin tie paper bags are created with a PLA (polylactic acid) liner - a corn based polymer, which is 100% compostable. Some sizes feature a viewable window.
food bags paper bags tin tie Tin Tie Paper Food Bags

1/2 lb | 1/2 lb with window | 1 lb (narrow) | 1 lb with window | 1 lb | 2 lb | 5 lb | 5 lb (no tin tie)

Compostable Tin Tie Paper Food Bags

1/2 lb 
| 1 lb | 1 lb with window | 2 lb | 5 lb 

Roll film is the same material used to create stand up, side gusseted and flat pouches. Create your own bags with roll film.
food bags roll film Solid Color Roll Film

Click here to see available sizes
Along with our huge stock of food bags, we also offer several custom application services including valve application service, tin tie application service, hang hole application service, label application service and foil stamp application service. Valve application service adds a degassing valve to our bags allowing freshly roasted coffee beans to be packaged immediately without having to worry about the bag bursting. Tin Tie application service adds a tin tie to each bag giving them a reclosable option. Hang hole application service adds a round or butterfly hang hole so the bags can be placed on hooks.

Apply your labels on our stock bags with our label application service. Provide us your own labels, or we can create and supply you your own. Please visit our Custom Labels page for more information on creating your own labels. Foil stamp application service adds a custom look to your bag for a very low minimum quantity order. Find out more about custom foil stamp application and custom flexible packaging on our website or by contacting us today!

For questions or more information, you can email us at or call 1-877-224-7496.

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