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All our Stand Up Pouches, Coffee Bags and other Food and Flexible Packaging products meet the requirements of the FDA for direct contact with food.

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Coffee Bags & Coffee Packaging

Flexible packaging coffee bags are the new way of packaging your coffee! And the invention of one way degassing valves has revolutionized coffee packaging. One way degassing valves were designed to allow air pressure to be released from within the bag while preventing air from entering the packaging. Because freshly roasted coffee beans release carbon dioxide, one way degassing valves allow roasters to package their products immediately without worry of the coffee bag bursting. The flexibility and benefits of pouches with the use of one way degassing valves makes stand up pouches, side gusseted bags and flat pouches the perfect choice for coffee bags and coffee packaging!


Stand up pouches are our most popular products and come in a variety of sizes, styles and colors. Standard stand up pouches are available in a wide range of sizes and are available in all clear poly, solid color foil or half clear/half color. Metallized stand up pouches offers a lighter weight design and composition, but still provides a moderate barrier for extending your products shelf life. Windowed stand up pouches feature an oval shaped window that lets you preview what's inside. Each style of stand up bag can have a one way degassing valve installed and converted into a coffee bag! Find out more information about our Valve Application Service here.
coffee bags stand up pouches
Standard Stand Up Coffee Bags & Pouches

2 oz (no zip) | 2 oz | 4 oz | 8 oz | 12 oz | 16 oz | 24 oz | 2 lb | 5 lb

Metallized Stand Up Coffee Bags & Pouches

4 oz 
| 8 oz | 16 oz | 4 lb

Windowed Stand Up Coffee Bags & Pouches

4 oz 
| 8 oz | 16 oz
Hang Holes are available for select styles and sizes of our stand up coffee bags and select styles of our side gusseted bags. For more information on hang hole types and installation, please visit our Hang Hole Application Service page.

This group of coffee bags are available in several different styles including plain foil and poly side gusseted bags, quad seal side gusseted bags and paper bags with tin tie. Side gusseted coffee bags come in a wide range of sizes and colors. Quad seal coffee bags feature a four corner seal that provides extra support for a heavier load. Tin Tie paper bags are also very popular as coffee bags and coffee packaging. Tin Ties adds a reclosable feature to each coffee bag providing extended shelf life of your products.
coffee bags side gusseted pouches
Poly & Foil Side Gusseted Coffee Bags & Pouches

2 oz | 8 oz | 16 oz | 16 oz (tall) | 2 lb | 5 lb (narrow) | 5 lb

Quad Seal Side Gusseted Coffee Bags & Pouches

8 oz 
| 16 oz | 10 lb

Paper Coffee Bags with Tin Tie

1/2 lb | 1/2 lb with window | 1 lb (narrow) |

1 lb with window | 1 lb | 2 lb | 5 lb

Eco-Friendly Compostable Paper Coffee Bags with Tin Tie

1/2 lb | 1 lb | 1 lb with window | 2 lb | 5 lb
Tin Ties are available for select styles/sizes of our side gusseted bags. Please visit our Tin Tie Application page for more information.

Coffee bag flat pouches are another option perfect for coffee packaging. Flat pouches are available in gold, silver and black. Flat pouches are a solid choice for simple, on the go coffee packaging. Pack your coffee, then seal the bag and the product is ready to be sold. Smaller sized flat pouches are perfect for packaging sample size coffee bags to use as giveaways and single use packets!
coffee bags flat pouches
Coffee Bags Flat Pouches

2 oz | 4 oz | 8 oz | 12 oz | 16 oz | 2 lb


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