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PBFY will ship all orders via UPS. Please contact our office if an alternate shipping method is required/preferred.

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All our Stand Up Pouches, Coffee Bags and other Food and Flexible Packaging products meet the requirements of the FDA for direct contact with food.

  • Coffee Bags & Coffee Packaging

    We offer a wide range of coffee packaging products including side gusseted foil bags, stand up pouches, flat pouches, tin tie paper bags and more. These come in a variety of sizes, styles and colors and are available for customization such as custom sizes, hang holes, labels, hot stamp printing to a fully custom designed bag. Browse our site and shop today!

  • Pet Food Bags and Pet Food Packaging

    Flexible Packaging is not limited for just human food - Stand Up Pouches, Foil Bags and all of our food packaging products also make for excellent pet food bags! Flexible packaging provides as much, if not more, protection for you pet foods and treats as their traditional counterparts and offers added benefits such as taking up less storage space while saving you in costs!

  • Nuts & Grains Packaging

    Stand Up Pouches are a great way of packaging a variety of snack foods, nuts and different types of grains! From peanuts, cashews to sunflower seeds and rice to granola, dried fruit and trail mixes, these food packaging pouches provide excellent barriers and are releasable helping extend your products shelf life.

    Flexible Packaging also saves you money by lowering manufacturing and storage costs. Fully customizable shape, size and colors. Call us for a quote!

  • Powders & Mixes Packaging

    Do away with bulky containers and large cans by using stand up pouches for your favorite powders and mixes! Stand Up Pouches are a popular choice for packaging protein, milk shake and diet powders, smoothie and juice mixes, other supplements and also sugars and spices. The addition of a die cut handle makes it easy for customers to pick your products off the shelves and onto their carts.

  • Beef Jerky Bags & Packaging

    Flexible Packaging is a great way of packaging your beef jerky products offering great barrier protection and extending the jerky’s shelf life!

    Create your own custom printed flat pouch with zip lock and hang hole for all your beef jerky packaging needs. Also available are custom printed labels in all shapes, sizes and colors. Call us for a quote!

Welcome to PBFY (, your one stop shop for all your flexible packaging and food packaging needs. We specialize in providing the highest quality food packaging bags designed to protect and promote foods and other products for a variety of applications. Here at PBFY, you will find food packaging supplies used for packaging food items such as coffee, tea, granola, beef jerky, pet food, snacks (cookies, chips, popcorn, etc), candy, supplements in pill or powder form, drink mixes, trail mixes, nuts and seeds, fertilizer, as well as  promotional items, cosmetics, accessories and more. We also offer various services including custom printed bags, custom printed labels, application services and more. PBFY is a full service packaging supplier with an experienced sales staff available to answer any of your questions and provide guidance in choosing the right packaging solution that meets your needs and budget.

food packaging stand up pouches

Stand Up Pouches

We offer stand up pouches in an assortment of sizes, styles and colors. The innovative design of the stand up pouch maximizes how your products are displayed while efficiently taking up less space - 75% less material compared to traditional packaging, saving you in freight costs and storage space. In addition, the reclosable zip lock feature allows food items to stay fresh longer. The long list of advantages make them one of our customers’ top picks as food packaging bags! Stand up pouches wholesale pricing is available. 

food packaging side gusseted bags

Coffee Bags / Foil Bags

We offer a wide variety of bags specifically for coffee packaging. Side gusseted bags are the most popularly used for coffee packaging. The narrow width of foil bags make them perfect for displaying on store shelves and fit in most shipping boxes. Tin tie paper bags are great for everyday coffee bag use at the shops, while flat pouches are perfect as coffee bag portions for the office and restaurant use. Be sure to add food packaging supplies like our resealable tape, metal coffee bag clips and adhesive tin ties to allow customers to reclose the coffee bag for later use.
food packaging accessories

Be sure to browse our site to see all the products we offer. For any questions, call us 877-224-7496 (714-528-2199) or email us at We will be happy to assist you and answer any of your questions. Check out our Featured Products section at the top of this page for huge savings on select coffee bags, food packaging bags, foil bags and more. Don’t miss out as these sale items are for a limited time only. Thank you for visiting Plastic Bags For You. We look forward to serving you soon!

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